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In the summer of 2011 I decided that I wanted a radical change in lifestyle – “I’m going to go RVing full time.”

I’d wanted out of the grind before.  Many times over the years.  Thought seriously about, and even prepared for live aboard sailing.  But, each time finances and family obligations had me putting off the dream.  Again and again.

This was different.  It was a decision.  There was a specific date. There was a change on the horizon that freed my mind from the perception of obligation to maintain the rooted, sticks and bricks, over scheduled, over stressed life.

Change on the Way

In the fall of 2013, my daughter will go away to college.  I’m so proud of her.

For me, the upcoming empty nest was a wake up call.  What now?  Not what will I do – no, no – what’s my excuse.  When I drop her off at Northern Arizona University, what possible reason do I have for the next rush hour drive, back to back meeting day?  What’s my excuse for being in the Phoenix heat, not the beach or a mountain lake?

Money? True enough, I’m not rich.  I earn a good salary, but it all goes into maintaining roots here – house, car, etc.

If not now, when?

The Blog

Thru August 30, 2013, this blog will be a chronical of my musings, fun and, I’m sure foibles, getting ready for life 2.0.  After that I’ll be letting you all how I’m making out on the road.

Author: Murray Lisook

I'm the author of the Roamward Bound blog. In January 2013 I retired to travel full time in my motorhome which I've named Roamward Bound also. Before retiring I lived in Phoenix, working in information technology as VP of IT for Televerde, CTO at J.J. Croney & Assoc., and Director of IT at Del Webb Corp.

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  1. I love this, not as good as being around you. I can’t wait for your adventure to unfold, how fun for you.

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