Aurora to Nationstar

Yep, with a solid offer on the table and a closing date set, Aurora Bank has sold their mortgage servicing business to Nationstar and we get to start over again.  I’ve done 61 forms, submissions, re-submissions and re-re-submissions to Aurora and my real estate agent says all the forms will have to be done again for Nationstar.  With the Mortgage Debt Relief Act expiring at the end of the year, I can’t imagine how many people are in the same boat.

I feel like I need to move before school starts, but definitely before the end of August – I can’t have a lease running past my departure date.

Author: Murray Lisook

I'm the author of the Roamward Bound blog. In January 2013 I retired to travel full time in my motorhome which I've named Roamward Bound also. Before retiring I lived in Phoenix, working in information technology as VP of IT for Televerde, CTO at J.J. Croney & Assoc., and Director of IT at Del Webb Corp.

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