Coos Bay Oregon

Leaving Trinidad

I woke Tuesday in an all out thunderstorm. I needed to unplug and go – my stay is up. Keira refuses to go outside and do her business. From the online weather, the storm looks like it will last until evening, but it’s also very local, so I decided I might as well go now – not getting better any time soon. I’m glad I loaded up the bike last night, not so glad I didn’t disconnect the electrical. Obviously, I did not kill myself working with the shore power in the downpour.

About 15 minutes north on the 101 my windshield wipers stopped working, not completely – they would still cycle once with the washer button, but would not keep wiping in any other setting. Just as I was about to pull over and wait out the storm the rain stopped and gave way to a light fog. The rest of the drive was beautiful forest, small towns, ocean views.

Coos Bay

I’ll be spending the next week at an RV park near Coos Bay, Oregon, with a 50 foot walk to the beach.

Beach adjacent to Oceanside RV Park, Coos Bay, Oregon
Beach adjacent to Oceanside RV Park, Coos Bay, Oregon

Trinidad … Moving on

The past two weeks have been a lot of fun, but it’s just about time to move on.

Last week, three straight days of ground level clouds and continuous fine mist rain drove the dog crazy and gave me a little indoor reading time. The Fault in Our Stars the John Green novel about teens with cancer, 5 stars if you are a teen, have a teen, or were a teen. In a completely different vein, I read Heat Wave (Nikki Heat) by “Richard Castle” as in the TV show. Not exactly literature, I’d give it 2 stars as a mystery book, but 3 as Castle hiatus filler. Finally, I reread Cryptonomicon, which I couldn’t have finished in the whole three days if I hadn’t read it years ago. A five star read or reread.

Crystal clear and warm today (Monday 9/16). I’ll be movin’ on in the morning.

Trinidad Update

View from my campsite at Sounds of the Sea RV Park
View from my campsite at Sounds of the Sea RV Park

Last week I went clamming.  I managed to get five razor clams and come back with all my fingers, which apparently is good for a newbee.  Cooking was less successful. They were badly overcooked and inedible in less than 5 minutes.

Yesterday, I took a hundred mile ride on Scooter of Anarchy, to Avenue of the Giants.  Unfortunately an accident had the road closed and after an hour or so, I headed back north. I’ll go back another day.  Still it was a perfect day for a long ride along the coast, through the redwood forest and the small towns that make up Humboldt County. A side note, they seem to have all three types of grocery stores in the county – natural foods, health foods and vegetarian.

I’m staying here one more week, then heading to the southern Oregon coast.


Doh hot yuh head, we bussin’ a lime dis too-day, wha yuh for.

Oh, dey doan tak de caribe in dis Trinidad? Crap, all that practice for nothing. Actually, they sound a little like Maine, though aye n’er bin der, err I’ve never been there.

After a beautiful 5 hour drive through the giant redwoods I’m here in Trinidad where I’ll be spending the next two weeks. The campground is pretty, surrounded by tall pines, about 150 yards from the ocean (though the path to get there is about 3/4 mile). You can hear the surf breaking, the sea lions barking and the gulls (gulling?). The weather is beautiful, it’ll be clear and about 68 the rest of the week.

Sounds of the Sea RV Campground, Trinidad California
Sounds of the Sea RV Campground, Trinidad California

Long Drive, Still in the Heat … Russian River

Russian River
Russian River

Today’s drive, from Weedpatch to Cloverdale, took a little over 8 hours.  I’m spending the night in a campground on the Russian River. It’s a beautiful setting, but I’m a little disappointed to still be in the summer heat – 102 this afternoon.

In the Weeds, No PCH

It might have occurred to me that it’s Labor Day weekend.  I had plenty of time to think about it sitting in traffic on the I-10 heading, I assumed for the Pacific Coast Highway for a scenic drive north.  It was easy to imagine PCH traffic on the holiday weekend being so much worse than this.  So I pulled off the freeway into a Chinese vegetarian restaurant, where I met fellow RV’ers Bill and Linda.  They are headed to Stockton via I-5, which is just about 8 miles (maybe an hour) west on I-10.  Sounded good, so I decided to reroute for now.

I-5 gave me a chance to see first hand the route of the Hyperloop and get a good feel for what off-roading in the RV would feel like.  A few more bone jarring hours, I’m stopping for the night in Weedpatch (no, really – it’s the site of the “Weedpatch Camp” in Grapes of Wrath). Not a bad spot for one night, but tomorrow could be a long drive if I want to catch up.


4:30 AM – Multitasking

It’s early and I’m “hard” at work. I’ve got the dog’s leash in one hand, coffee in the other as I make the a last walk around of Roamward Bound, checking compartments and clearances. There’s no sign of the Fox 10 news crew, maybe they are stretched thin covering ‘tree fell down in last night’s storm’ stories. I guess it’s for the best that I decided against the high school marching band. No prob, I’ve got Tom Petty ready to play Runnin Down a Dream, cranked to 11.


The sun hasn’t quite come up as I pass by Perryville, looking for that beautiful glint of moonlight on the razor wire, as Duane used to call it, but alas it’s overcast.

Flying J at Ehenburg, AZ. Gotta try out my new RV discount card. Gotta spray my sandals with diesel. OK, they’re riding outside with Scooter of Anarchy.

Western foothills of San Jacinto … camp for day 1. Time to break out the good stuff, thanks Aaron.

View from site - San Jacinto western foothills
View from site – San Jacinto western foothills
Seems to like the location
Seems to like the location