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Took delivery today of Roamward Bound, my new to me 37ft 2000 Trailwinds diesel pusher.

The only important item from the inspection was the tires.  While they looked good, they were all out of date (over 6 years old).  My RV research online has me pretty sensitive to the whole tire age, tire pressure and load/weight thing so they had to be replaced.  With that done I went ahead and closed the deal.

Driving the new home, home (hmmm) was a trip.  First off, thanks to Lisa and Kylee.  See, it took two cars and a bunch of pick up drop off to make it happen.  I’ve never driven anything near this size and my Lexus CT Hybrid would have fit in the living room with the slide in.

Forging out into rush hour traffic I actually felt pretty good about handling it. A couple of turns without totaling any other cars and all is looking good.  Then the low fuel warning light comes on.  Now I’m really worried – will I be stuck in the middle of the road in rush hour? No station I pass has diesel. Lisa, following somewhere behind in my car is searching for diesel stations on the phone, I don’t even want to touch the phone on my first drive.

Finally, I come across the SuperPumper, and it has diesel.  I totally impressed myself with how well I parked the big RV by the pump – until I got out and realized the fuel cap is on the other side.  Backing up and driving around to the other side of the pump, with my massive 25 minutes of driving experience had my heart pounding.  I got my heart pounding again, when I put over $300 in diesel into the tank.

But here I am at home, no cars or buildings destroyed.  Not bad, not bad at all.

Author: Murray Lisook

I'm the author of the Roamward Bound blog. In January 2013 I retired to travel full time in my motorhome which I've named Roamward Bound also. Before retiring I lived in Phoenix, working in information technology as VP of IT for Televerde, CTO at J.J. Croney & Assoc., and Director of IT at Del Webb Corp.

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