Evacuation Over

Burned ground surrounds the RV Park

The evacuation is over, I’m back at the RV park. Scale of destruction. Plus rants about a visit to the devastation in Paradise by [he who shall not be named] and another about the American Red Cross.

I’m back at the RV park and about 22,000 of the 52,000+ Camp Fire evacuees can also return home.  For the rest, there’s nothing to return to.

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The End Game

The current stats on the fire are now 88 fatalities (which does not count those who died at evacuation centers) and 203 missing. As for property 13,696 homes, 276 apartment buildings and 528 commercial buildings were destroyed. Thousands more damaged.

The RV park I’m at was not damaged – CAL Fire constructed a fire line around it and burned the ground away for almost a mile in all directions.  The first rain in 229 days then reached the area and finally put out the fire.

The air has cleared of smoke, but of course everything still smells burnt. 


How was the visit to Paradise by [he who shall not be named]?  Well that went about as expected – dumbass comments off the chart:

  • Called the town “Pleasure” five times in one incoherent ramble.
  • Continued to deny Climate Change.
  • Said he “wants good climate”.
  • Said the President of Finland told him they raked the forest! Much to the surprise of the Finnish President and all the rest of the Finns.  #MakeAmericaRakeAgain!
  • … and so much more I can’t even stand to think about it.

Rant – Community vs. Red Cross Support

The community volunteers at the Yuba-Sutter Fairgrounds were fabulous and generous. Thousands of them. And their donations were extreme. The Red Cross? Not so much.  They arrived a week after the evacuation, kicked out all the volunteers and removed most of the donated supplies. Hot meals provided by local restaurants? No more. Evacuees were fuming that coffee was being served at 2oz per person. Now I didn’t go verify that but I did make a cup of coffee for anyone trying to bend my ear ranting about it. The mood at the shelter was in freefall when I left.

I’m sure no expert about disaster management, and it’s very easy to complain. My privileged position – having my whole house with me – meant I didn’t feel personally the things that made so many upset. Still it was clear that the mood at the shelter changed from gratitude and appreciation for the support of the community to anger and hopelessness in a single day.

Putting aside the issue of performance in a disaster, I don’t support the organization financially,

The Red Cross raised over $1.2 million, in a telethon lasting just a few hours, “for the victims of the Camp Fire” in partnership with Sacramento TV station KCRA. However, the fine print on the donation form reads that the donations go to the Red Cross general fund, not to aid any specific incident. Much like Katrina or the $500+ million raised for Haiti very little will actually find its way to the victims donors thought they were helping specifically. Please support a more accountable charity in lieu of the American Red Cross.

Author: Murray Lisook

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