That’s a Wrap – 2017

The year started in Holtville and ended in Holtville. Along the way some old stuff cropped up and some new adventures were had. The new year features an epic continental crossing.

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Holtville Bookends

2017 started and ended in Holtville, California. Why Holtville? Well, it’s nice to hang out with Seann, Jenna, Gary, Joyce and Gary. The hot spring here makes a great evening ritual. It’s warm and sunny, and sometimes it’s just nice to take a break from traveling all the time.


There was a lot of “again” in 2017. Flagstaff, again. Grand Canyon, again. Repairs, again and again. Holtville, again. Yuma for solar again. The solar system is working great and I haven’t started up the generator once, even for a 5 day stretch of dark skies. Electricity when you want it – what a concept.

The canyon was eye opening. The first time I ever went down below the rim. It changes the “hole” experience.

Flagstaff, this time was a finale. Kylee graduated NAU and I helped her pack up and set off for Seattle.

And of course, repairs were with me the whole first half of the year.

Something Different

One of the new things this year was a new RV. That lead me to spectacular new places.

There was also a month in Puerto Penasco, Mexico, and a night in an abandoned mall in Yuma.

The Great Northern Loop

There’s a 6,000+ mile northern arc on tap for 2018. Starting in Issaquah, Washington at the beginning of May, I’ll be going through British Columbia, Alberta – Banff and Jasper, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Minnesota, Wisconsin, making a ferry crossing to Michigan, Ontario, Quebec and ending up in Maine.

But for now, it’s time for the WiNs gathering in Quartzsite. Wagons Ho!