Some Little States

A zigzag route to see best selling author Neal Stephenson speak.

The Sweep, Part 4

To get from Jersey City to Connecticut you have to cross the Hudson River. RVs are not permitted in the tunnels (propane is prohibited), so that leaves bridges. The George Washington Bridge was 4.5 miles away, which took a mear 1 hour 40 minutes to drive to. The toll for my rig was listed as $80, but they charged me only $72 to cross. A little over an hour later I was in Niantic, Connecticut.

There was some beach time in Niantic, then on to Rhode Island for some sailing.

After a brief visit to Massachusetts and a day trip to Cape Cod, I landed in Vermont where there were, um, well, trees. Oh, and some pretty aggressive flying insects too.

Finally, in New Hampshire I got to see Neal Stephenson on his book tour for Fall; or Dodge in Hell, complete with a signed first edition.

And Then There Was One

That’s 47 states visited on the Roamward Bound journey.

Continued in The Sweep, Part 5.