It’s a Thing

Someone has to be socially aware and spot the new hip trends – be the one to identify what’s a thing and what isn’t. I’ll never spot the best new music or fashion, but camping around the country, I’m just so hep to what’s going on. Since no one else is stepping up it’ll have to be me.

It’s a Thing!

Alien Pine Cone Formations

I know some will say it’s not space aliens – cones just naturally fall and sometimes your mind thinks they are in a formation. Right, then why do they always point to abduction sites? Huh? Face it, pine cone formations are real. It’s a Thing!

Trashing the Forest

Go to any national forest and drive one mile off the paved road. Now walk 50 yards in any direction (if you’re Canadian, it’s OK to walk 46 meters). You’ll see it. A huge pile of trash, usually shot up by a thousand or so rounds. Feel free to count the shells on the ground. Pro tip – shotgun shells are easier to count than brass rifle or handgun shells.

Trashing the forest. It’s a thing! Not a good thing, but a thing.

Taking a Picture of Someone Taking a Picture

We all know that in this age of social media, if there’s no picture it didn’t happen. But, how do we know it happened to you? That’s where taking a picture of someone taking a picture comes in. It’s a thing!

RV Cows

There’s a lot of open range land in or near the national forests. If there’s mooing at 4am, you’ve just found out about RV cows – it’s a thing!