So, I am a planner. I’ve come up with 79 things that have to be done to get on the road – big stuff like buying an RV to the small like changing my address. I’ll talk about the plan details in a future post.

The problem with the plan is there is too much time.  It would be fairly straightforward to get it all done in 3-6 months, but I have until August 2013.  While I’d love to, I can’t really go before sending my daughter off to college.

For now, most of the list has to be on hold.  The biggest item on the list that can be tackled now is the house.  Now I know a lot of people going full time can sell their house, cashing out the equity to help fund the journey.  That is not going to happen for me.  With the real estate crash I’m under water by about 60%.  For me, it will be a matter of closing out the debt, not taking out cash.  More than a little depressing.  In just the last five years I’ve paid 20% more in mortgage payments than the house is worth.

From what I read, it seems like the short sale BS will keep me occupied for months to come.