For Whom the Toll Blows

There were a few options to travel from Wisconsin to Michigan. I could go north through the UP, across the Macinaw Bridge. I could take a ferry from Manitowoc, Wisconsin to Ludington, Michigan. I could go south through Chicago.

The campgrounds in the Upper Peninsula were booked for essentially all of July. The ferry (SS Badger) looked fun, but would cost $366 (one way) and Keira would be locked in her kennel for over 5 hours, alone (you have no access to the vehicle aboard). So, I went south.

It Takes a Toll

I-90I-90 is a toll road. Now I like toll roads – the people using it pay for it, and they are usually well maintained. Well I-90 was under construction. I don’t mean a few cones for a few miles. I’m talking driving on bone rattling crumbling shoulder, 10′ lanes, 35-45 mph, for 61 miles, interrupted only by toll plazas which collected $59 for my trip.

If they are collecting a toll, they need to provide a road. It took 2 hours 40 minutes to go 61 miles and I’m surprised anything on board was not shaken to pieces. I know for whom the toll road blows, it blows for me.

Spring Green and Taliesin

The campground in Spring Green was beautiful, nestled along the Wisconsin River.

The Wisconsin River in Spring Green borders the  campground where I'm staying
The Wisconsin River in Spring Green borders the campground where I stayed in Spring Green

About five miles away is the Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center where Taliesin Preservation offers tours of the Hillside Studio / School and Frank Lloyd Wright’s home, Taliesin. A great tour, but also disappointing. First, we were not allowed to take photos inside the buildings where you can really appreciate the concepts Wright was going for. Our tour guide had a grating nasal voice and a very condescending tone presenting each topic along the tour. This would be annoying if she were a master architect, but she was an elementary school teacher and volunteer for the preservation society. Of course, I expect Wright himself would have been even more pompous.