Three Years on the Road

The Missouri River runs by Haworth Park in Bellevue, NE. On the other side, Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Just over three years ago, on August 30, 2013, I set off to see the country living full time in my motorhome. On the journey I’ve covered 35,000+ miles, visited 210 places in 37 states and three Canadian provinces, and yet …

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The wait
Top of the 210
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Almost all the Stops – map
Almost all the Stops – list
States and Provinces Visited

Off Track and Weary

I had a coffee mug that said “Not all that wander are lost.” Sometime in June I lost the mug, probably left it behind somewhere in North Dakota. I have to say that since then I’ve felt like this wanderer is lost. Stops that are repeats or have no purpose.

There’s also been way to many stops this whole year. I’ve been to 57 places just in 2016 and it’s only the beginning of September. When I started this journey I thought most places I’d visit for 2-4 weeks. Going into 2016 I’d planned to hold the number of sites to 50 the year. Yet, 57 in September. Not working.

I’ve also had an aversion to planning more than the next location. That’s more or less fine, except in the summer. Summer vacationers and booked up camping locations have made it clear that I’ll need to plan the summer months well in advance.

Ready to quit? No, no, no. I definitely have to get my head in the game though.

The Wait

No, I mean “the weight.” From April 2015 through May 2016 I lost over 70 lbs. (and maintained that since). Besides feeling much better, I no longer have to take blood pressure or cholesterol medication (so no meds at all).

Top of the 210

Top spots on the journey, so far:

If I was trying to pick a place to live year round, I couldn’t do it. The best I could say now would be maybe Ashland, Gold Beach or South Haven in the summer, maybe Madeira Beach in the winter.

Up Next

As I write this I’m in Nebraska, just outside Omaha. Next week I’ll head out on a 1,500 mile journey back to Phoenix, arriving in the first half of November. I’ll find myself in Oklahoma City, Santa Fe and Flagstaff along the way. After that I’ll want to stay within about four or five hundred miles through May when Kylee graduates from NAU.

Almost all the Stops

I know I’ve missed a few, but this map has nearly all the overnight stops on the RoamwardBound journey, so far.

[ Map of places visited is not shown on this browser ]

[ List of places visited is not shown on this browser ]

States Visited

The states I’ve visited on the Roamward Bound journey – just those with an overnight stay.

[ Map of states visited is not shown on this browser ]

[ Map of states visited is not shown on this browser ]

Author: Murray Lisook

I'm the author of the Roamward Bound blog. In January 2013 I retired to travel full time in my motorhome which I've named Roamward Bound also. Before retiring I lived in Phoenix, working in information technology as VP of IT for Televerde, CTO at J.J. Croney & Assoc., and Director of IT at Del Webb Corp.

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